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Do not bring firewood!
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Emerald Ash Beetles out of Missouri.

Our restaurant at Jason Place is open Memorial Day through Labor Day, Friday noon to Sunday 1pm.

missouri current river float trips
missouri current river float trips
Our Policies

We welcome our canoeists and campers. We want everyone who comes to the beautiful Current and Jacks Fork Rivers and to the Ozarks to have an enjoyable experience. These are our policies and we will implement them fully.
  1. CANCELLATION & CHANGE POLICIES FOR ALL SERVICES: If canoes, tubes, camping and food package plans need to be cancelled or numbers reduced, you may change with a complete refund up to 8 full days before the date of the planned activity. If the planned activity cancelled for any reason, man made or nature, after the 8 day Advance Notice Deadline, there will be NO CASH REFUND MADE. Our customers may request a Credit Certificate which can be used for services on another date within a two year period. All accounts must be settled at time of cancellation or arrival of person in-charge.
  2. No Credit Certificate if canoe is cancelled after you check in for canoes, camping or cabins.
  3. Credit Certificate will only be issued to group leader or person in charge.
  4. No fireworks or guns allowed.
  5. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. We are not responsible for accidents. All drug and alcohol laws are strictly enforced.
  6. Each customer will need to sign an insurance waiver at time of arrival for all services. An adult must sign for minors.
  7. NO GLASS CONTAINERS ON THE RIVER. Please do not litter.
  8. BUS BEHAVIOR: Please NO SMOKING on the buses. Many families enjoy floating the river with their children, so please refrain from using abusive and foul language on the buses. Also fighting and obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated. Our bus drivers have been instructed to remove anyone demonstrating inappropriate behavior, to call the NPS Rangers (573-323-4236) or the Shannon County Sheriff’s Dept. (573-226-3615) or the Missouri Highway Patrol (417-469-3121). NO MONIES WILL BE REFUNDED.
  9. NO POSSESSION OF ILLEGAL DRUGS & FIREARMS: We have zero tolerance for illegal drugs and firearms, this also includes potato guns and fireworks. Those who possess these items will be escorted from the campground. NO MONIES WILL BE REFUNDED. Those people suspected of having these items will be reported to local law enforcement.
        We have strived for many years to make this a drug free river. The National Park Service Law Enforcement and the Missouri Water Patrol heavily patrol the Current River for illegal drugs and underage drinking.
        Please do remember that law enforcement is also your friend especially in cases of emergencies and accidents.
        Any one who is busted or removed from the river by law enforcement will be charged an additional $50 for canoe retrieval if the canoe is left between access points.
  10. FLOATING THE CURRENT RIVER: The Current River is a National Park. PLEASE DO NOT LITTER. Orange litter bags are provided for your canoe or tube. Also GLASS CONTAINERS ARE NOT ALLOWED on the river.
        NO MONIES WILL BE REFUNDED IF YOU ARE REMOVED FROM THE RIVER BY LAW ENFORCEMENT. There will also be an extra charge of $50 for retrievals of canoes and equipment if they are left between established access points.
  11. TRASH AT CAMPSITES: This year there will be a $50 trash deposit fee required. It is the responsibility of the group leader to see that your campsites is left litter free for the next group. Please do not throw non flammables in the fire such as cans and glass. Litter is not to be thrown in the woods around your campsite either. Please leave the campsite cleaner than you found it. Dumpsters are provided for your trash, please use them. Please keep glass containers to a minimum.
  12. ABUSE OF THE CAMPGROUND AND AKERS FERRY POSSESSIONS: Anyone who abuses the campground or other possessions will be escorted off the premises. There is a $100 fee for burning picnic tables and destroying trees.
  13. SWIMMING POOL AND RESTAURANT AREA: This is a family area and appropriate behavior is expected at all times. No foul or abusive language will be tolerated in this area. We do have many families that use the pool and restaurant, who do not appreciate obnoxious and obscene behavior around their children. Bathrooms are located at the pool and in walking distance of the pool, please use them. Children must be attended by an adult at all times while in the pool area. Swimmers diapers are required for small children. The gate to the pool must remain closed at all times. No food or drink in the pool area. We do provide tables, chairs and trash cans outside of the pool area. This year you are required to sign in and out of the pool at Jason Place Campground Store.
  14. ACCIDENTS AND PERSONAL PROPERTY: Jason Place Campground, Jacks Fork Campground & Canoe Rental and Akers Ferry are not responsible for accidents or your personal property. It is the owner’s responsibility to drive safely at the posted 10 miles per hour and to secure your personal property.
  15. Please remember that while you are on the river to behave in a manner that everyone on the river can have a good time including families with children. Abusive and foul language, drunkenness, illegal drug use and nudity is not acceptable behavior. Do have a good time, but respect the right of others to have a good time.
  16. Our Environmrntal Management Plan is to establish the best management practices to achieve the least damage to the environment and human health. We will recycle and reuse, do employee training and solid waste management.
  17. Management adheres to no trace policy. Our Green Policy is to conserve energy, use more efficient vehicles and lights. No aersol products and switch to reusable and recycled products.
  18. PETS: We ask that you keep all pets under your control at all times. Pets are not allowed in the swimming pool and restaurant area.
  19. NO ATVS OR DIRT BIKES allowed on campgrounds.
  20. NO CAMPING is allowed around cabins.
  21. NO VISITORS allowed in cabins.
  22. PETS are allowed inside the cabins with a $25.00 additional charge per night.
  23. Alcohol abuse will not be tolerated. Offenders will be refused service. NO MONIES WILL BE REFUNDED.
  24. We reserve the right to count people and check for violations of our policies.

All prices and policies are subject to change without notification. 

Do not bring firewood!
Help keep Emerald Ash Beetles out of Missouri.

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